The machine used to administer breathalizer tests. (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

Suspected Drunk Driver Caught With Kids In The Car

A Tilbury woman who was suspended from driving is facing charges after police spotted her behind the wheel and smelled alcohol on her breath.

Police say there were also two young kids in the back of the vehicle when they pulled it over.

Officers say they got a tip about the vehicle the woman was driving after someone called police to say a vehicle’s horn was going off for about 45 minutes in a parking lot near Massey Dr. and Lyon Ave. N. in Tilbury at around 10pm Thursday night.

When police arrived at the scene, an officer spotted the vehicle driving away and pulled it over after watching it go up on the curb.

As the officer walked up to the vehicle, he saw two small kids in the back seat and noticed one of them wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

When the officer was talking to the woman behind the wheel, she allegedly had a smell of alcohol on her breath, was slurring her speech, and had some trouble getting her documents ready.

Police say they weren’t able to get the woman to provide a breath sample even though they tried a number of times.

A 34-year-old woman is now charged with failing to provide a breath sample and driving while suspended.

Officers say the kids who were in the vehicle at the time were not hurt and were taken to “a place of safety.”