Baseball Gloves and Bat ( Photo By Jake Jeffrey)

Baseball Day In Chatham

The Chatham Diamonds are hosting their first ever Baseball Day this Saturday.

Nine of their teams will be playing at Rotary and Turner Park, starting at 9am.

“It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate the game of baseball in Chatham and bring awareness to the great game,” says Chatham Minor Baseball President Jason Chickowski. “We’ve got a great history of baseball in Chatham of course with Fergie Jenkins and Doug Melvin being Hall of Famers.”

Chickowski says it’s a great way to showcase Fergie Jenkins Field at Rotary Park.

“Over the last ten or so years a lot of effort and money have gone into fixing up Rotary Park and bringing it to the state that it’s in now, it’s a jewel,” says Chickowski. “It’s another opportunity to bring people out to see the benefits and what’s come about with the rebirth of Rotary Park.”