Chatham-Kent Association of Realtors(Photo by Simon Crouch)

Local Realtors Weigh In On Proposed Changes

The Chatham-Kent Association of Realtors is weighing in on proposed changes to the provinces’s housing market.

President Kristi Willder say the measure to create an affordable new housing supply will have the biggest impact locally.

“It’s critical that the government tackles the issue of housing supply and continues to take action to get more homes built so young families have more options,” says Willder. “Realtors have asked the government to look as ways to get more vacant land and properties to market. To create a housing advisory group to provide advice and ideas about getting more supply to the market. We’re hoping the municipality will help free up some of the vacant land.”

Willder says they’re on board with the province investigating the practice of “double-ending.”

“With multiple offers becoming more prevalent in Chatham-Kent, this issue may give some local impact,” she says. “Part of the solution is to give stiffer penalties for those who break the rules, and educate the public on the real estate transaction.”

Even though Chatham-Kent’s real estate market has been very hot recently, Willder says the biggest impact will be felt in Toronto.

“Interestingly, the most recent stats showed in the last week that the listings have tripled the solds, and therefore we think that the market will eventually balance itself out,” she says.