Jakubec says this sand came up from a water well in Dover Centre. June 29. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Water Well Damage Allegations Mount In Dover Centre

A local activist says more water well damage has been found in Dover Centre.

Kevin Jakubec is the Spokesperson for ‘Water Wells First’ and tells BlackburnNews.com that more well owners have come forward in the past two weeks reporting, what they call, turbid water caused by wind tower vibrations.

Jakubec says real problems need real solutions and he’s not seeing any right now to stop the deterioration of the aquifer in Dover.

“We’ve seen some band-aid solution giving people filtration equipment and for the most part it doesn’t work and that doesn’t address the underlying change in the water quality in the aquifer below,” he says.

Jakubec says more than 20 wells have been contaminated with, what he calls, Kettle Point Black Shell which he says contains heavy metals.

He says the only solution is to provide water lines to those impacted.

Jakubec calls filtration a band-aid solution that doesn’t work.

He says “one micron-sized particles are nearly impossible to filter out. To have that filtered out mechanically is nearly impossible in a cost effective way.”

Jakubec says digging a new well into a contaminated aquifer won’t work either and adds the community feels like guinea pigs.

“We’re certainly very concerned with heavy metals contamination of the water through the particulates,” says Jakubec.