North Kent Wind 1 Proposed Wind Turbine Construction Area

Water Wells First Questions Water Testing Procedure

Water Wells First is disputing water testing being done by the consultant hired by wind farm developers in North Kent.

Group spokesperson Kevin Jakubec says there are “discrepancies in the turbidity testing done by Aecom.”

He’s going to be asking the Ministry of Environment to strike down Aecom results because he says, “they won’t stand-up in court.”

Jakubec says the turbidity results are inaccurate and feels the wind farm developers are trying to make a case that the water is already dirty before pile driving begins in North Kent.

“Certainly my own results were much higher than what previous lab results of water turbidity were shown.  These were lab tests done by accredited labs looking at turbidity factor,” says Jakubec.

He also says North Kent residents are falsely being asked to call the public health unit because their water is not safe to drink, which he says is “causing unnecessary anxiety.”

Jakubec says Aecom has a conflict of interest because it works for the wind farm developers and not well owners in North Kent.

Water Wells First will be holding a public meeting at Country View Golf Club on St Clair Rd. in Dover Centre Tuesday night. The meeting starts at 7pm.