Members of Canada's Senior Women's National Team pose with photos sent to them by MC Hoops campers from Chatham, August 7, 2016 (Photo courtesy of Linda Corrente)

Chatham Connection In Olympic Basketball

Canada’s Women’s National Basketball Team have a piece of Chatham-Kent with them as they move through the Rio Olympics.

Ahead of the Rio 2016 competition, young members of Chatham’s MC Hoops Camp sent a care package composed of letters and pictures to the team.

Manager Linda Corrente says, not only did the squad receive it, they also responded back.

“I thought they might get it… but I had no idea that they would actually hold them all up and send back a photo, with a wonderful thank you email,” says Corrente.

The email came from Chatham-born Miranda Ayim, a power forward with the women’s national team. Corrente adds getting the message back was an amazing moment for the camp’s parents and children.

“They’re highly-skilled athletes, but to show such heart and to take time out of their very busy Olympic schedule, just shows their outstanding character,” says Corrente.

Team Canada is currently 2-0 at the Rio Olympics. They play their third group-stage game against Senegal Wednesday at 4:45pm ET.


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