Construction on Hwy. 401 at Communication Rd., May 6, 2016 (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

Construction Continues At Hwy. 401 And Hwy. 40

Construction on the Hwy. 401 and Hwy. 40 (Communication Rd.) interchange is progessing on schedule according to the Ministry of Transportation.

The project began back in March and includes the reconstruction of a 10 km stretch of the eastbound Hwy. 401 from east of Bloomfield Rd. to west of Kent Bridge Rd.

The first phase of the project that is starting this year will include work on the following:

-Re-alignment of Pinehurst Line

-Construction of the west half of the new McGregor Creek bridge

-Construction of the west half of the new Hwy. 40 bridge over Hwy. 401

-Rehabilitation of the rail overpasses and culverts on Hwy. 401.

-A new retaining wall along the westbound off-ramp at Hwy. 40

Ministry of Transportation Communications Coordinator Liane Fisher says the project will also include a significant closure.

“There’s a temporary full closure of the interchange that’s required for the reconstruction,” she says. “That closure will last a maximum of eight months and is planned to take place next year, in 2017.”

The exact date of the closure is not yet known.

All improvments to the highway interchange are expected to be completed in spring of 2018.

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