Decrease In Emergency Room Visits

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, Sydenham Campus ER in Wallaceburg. ( file photo) Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, Sydenham Campus ER in Wallaceburg. ( file photo)

Visits to the emergency room at both campuses of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance are down by 9%, but the people visiting the ER are more sick than before.

Officials say access to care outside of the emergency room is improving and responsible for the decrease in visits.

“The principal we’re working towards is making sure that we’ve got the right patient in the right place at the right time receiving the right care the first time at the right cost,” says CKHA Vice President Sarah Padfield. “The patients that are coming are sicker and they’re certainly a bit more complex, sometimes that causes increases in wait times because it takes longer to run diagnostics and sort patients out.”

The average patient at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance will wait over four and a half hours before seeing a doctor or nurse in the emergency room.

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  1. Tara long

    December 6, 2013 at 7:36 am

    The people of Chatham kent go else where for medical help, in my opinion there are a few doctors and nurses at the chatham kent health alliance who are very rude and would rather sit at there desk and file their nails or in some of the male doctors case they would rather flirt with the nurses. Conducted by my and my families experience. Not only my opinion a lot of the people surrounding the communities feel Chatham hospital wait time in the emergency department is rediculous and uncalled for at times… Their organization of the department is terrible and I feel they need a new system strategy to be able to keep the patients comfortable an seen quicker! There are many horror stories in that emergency room such as death and more serious health complications caused by long period wait times…more than 4.5 hours.. I go elsewhere with my children to ensure they will be taken care of righ away and properly! There are numerous doctors in Chatham kent… So why is their only 1 doctor on call throughout the nights at the emergency department. As I said their organization of this department needs a crucial bounce!

  2. Elly

    December 6, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Tara I agree. They are delusional if they think it is because of less people being sick. They just are sick of the wait time. This must be where Deb Matthews got her information about wait times being cut down.

  3. Gill

    December 7, 2013 at 10:03 am

    I was hospitalized over Christmas last year with a serious injury, and they didn’t have a bed for me. Because it was the holidays after all, and I should have known better. I filed a complaint over my stay in the fracture room.

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