Input Sought On Reducing Algae

IJC Meeting Walpole 2013

Fewer than ten people showed up to a public meeting in Walpole Island to discuss ideas on how to reduce phosphorous runoff into Lake Erie.

The International Joint Commission is gathering feedback after publishing 15 recommendations aimed at reducing algae blooms in Lake Erie, which are a result of phosphorous runoff in the area. Muriel Andreae is a biologist with the St. Clair Conservation Authority and says the IJC shouldn’t just be focusing on Lake Erie.

“Although you might not have seen the incredible pea soup coloured waters, more people in this area might have noticed big clumps of algae accumulating on the shoreline of Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron,” says Andreae. “That wasn’t there ten years ago, so they’re just calling them larger algae blooms and they’re aesthetic, but it’s a bad sign.”

The IJC is recommends eliminating phosphorous from all residential fertilizers , placing a monitoring system at the outlet of the Detroit River and legislating different best farming practices. Officials with the IJC say meetings in the United States have been well attended, with over 50 people at the latest in Toldeo.


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