Tim Hortons Car Theft

Chatham-Kent Police Service hat. (Photo by Dave Richie) Chatham-Kent Police Service hat. (Photo by Dave Richie)

The Chatham-Kent Police Service is looking for two suspects believed to have stolen a car from a Tim Hortons parking lot.

Officials say last night, a man left his red Ford Taurus running while he went into the Lacroix St. location in Chatham to buy a coffee. When he came out, the car was gone.

The vehicle has a red foam rudolph nose attached to the front grill, with licence plate number BKAF 065.

Through investigation, police believe two white men in their early 20s are responsible for the theft.

Suspect #1:

– thin build, about 6’0″ tall
– clean shaven
– tattoos on left side of neck and both inner forearms
– last seen wearing white running shoes, black jeans, black zip-up jacket with a white pattern on the front, light colour brimmed hat with plaid pattern
– black farmed glasses

Suspect #2:

– average build, 5’6″ to 5’8″
– clean shaven
– last seen wearing black and white shoes, faded blue jeans, dark grey zipper hoodie, black gloves, dark ball cap with white emblem

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  1. TrueFalcon

    January 28, 2013 at 11:03 am

    Don’t people know that car thieves stake out places like this because the probability of success is high???

    I always hold out the remote when locking the doors so they can see that it’s locked and I’ve got the key.

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