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Simon’s Say On Ag

Beef Cattle on a Chatham-Kent farm. (File photo by Simon Crouch)

Comment: Meat Not So Bad

Was that bacon news really news? Well yes because it made the news media but it really wasn’t. Or it wasn’t as big as it was made out. A branch of the World Health Organization has characterized bacon, ham, sausage and other processed and smoked meats as cancer causing and red meat generally as possibly […]

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks at a rally in Windsor on January 21, 2015. (Photo by Jason Viau)

Comment: Why Liberals Need Agriculture

It may seem a little presumptuous of me to swing a weekly farm commentary into election territory, but I did happen to glance at a map of Canada broken down by the colour of the political representation and it occurs to me that not a lot of red is painted across farming ridings.

Beef Cattle on a Chatham-Kent farm. (File photo by Simon Crouch)

Comment: TPP Winners Funds And Subsidies

The dust is settling, or at least the flurry of news releases supporting or trashing Canada’s acceptance of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal has slowed a little and maybe we can all take stock.

A field of corn in Chatham-Kent (File photo by Simon Crouch)

Comment: Resistance Is Inevitable

With more and more herbicide resistant weeds, or at least a wider range of those that are resistant to certain herbicides agriculturists are being told to change their herbicide mix.

Dale Cowan (left) and Don Kabbes check yield potential of a corn field August 12, 2015. (Photo by Simon Crouch)

Comment: Of Yield And Science

Trying to predict final yields is always a tricky prospect especially in mid-September but for the past several years Great Lakes Grain professionals have tried to do just that.