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Getting The Grain To Market

Sometimes there is good news that we don’t necessarily notice. It isn’t weather, it isn’t crops, prices or government policy, so it flies, so to speak, under the radar. Well in this case there is a little good news. Maybe indirectly so, but in the bigger picture it is there. The Chamber of Marine Commerce […]

Children learning how quickly a grain bin can become a death trap Aug. 26, 2015. (Photo by Simon Crouch)

Comment: Farm Safety Message Don’t Ignore This

Sometimes you have to write these things even though you’d rather not. Stay out of grain bins unless you are absolutely sure you have every safety practice in place, back-up in case something goes wrong and you’ve double checked everything.

Comment: Positives On Ag Horizon

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, for the kid in all of us, and it has apparently been a pretty good year to be a primary Christmas tree producer.

Comment: At IPM Think Rural Expo

Just as all the soil specialists continue to carp about the amount of fall ploughing that is being done, while they try, justifiably in my opinion to get you to switch to more soil friendly forms of tillage or abandon tillage all together, we are going to talk ploughing today.