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Arctic Apple Sold

The British Columbia firm that engineered apples not to turn brown after they’ve been bruised or sliced has been bought by a U.S. company for $41 million.

OFA Members Weigh In On Climate Change

By Paul Wettlaufer, Board member, Ontario Federation of Agriculture As farmers, we know weather impacts every aspect of our farm businesses. Weather changes dictate our daily schedules, cropping seasons and even our bottom lines.  That’s one of the reasons the Ontario Federation of Agriculture is taking climate change seriously.  Climate change is being discussed at […]

Local Schools Take WOSSAA Silver In High School Basketball

F.E. Madill’s senior boys basketball team earned a silver medal at WOSSAA, falling in overtime to a St. Thomas school 55-53. The Mustangs held a 7-point lead going into the fourth quarter but St. Joseph’s stayed within striking distance.  With the game tied with a minute to go, Madill held their opponents at bay and […]

Feb. 27 – Closing Agricultural Markets

On the Chicago Board of Trade: Corn Futures: March up 3 at 3.83 May up 3 at 3.91 and a half Soybean Futures: March up 4 at 10.28 May up 4 at 10.30 and a half Wheat Futures: March up 13 and a quarter at 5.16 and a half May up 11 and a quarter […]