GFO: Sustainability Through Improvement And Innovation

Grain Farmers of Ontario is a platinum sponsor of the Summit on Canadian Soil Health. Grain Farmers of Ontario is committed to sustainability by continuous improvement and innovation through new technologies, new research and new equipment.

The Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) is holding its second Summit on Canadian Soil Health. The Costs and Consequences of Soil Degradation will be held August 22 – 23 in Guelph.

The SCCC is the only national organization to concentrate on the issues of soil health and soil conservation within a broadly based landscape context. Healthy soils are the foundation of sustainable food production, enhanced biodiversity, and cleaner air and water for present and future generations.

The conference looks at how cropland soil degradation has not been reflected in food cost, crop production and the economy. As well, soil degradation impacts water quality and quantity, lost carbon to the atmosphere, and it compromises the natural environment. Summit 2017 brings together farmers, the agriculture industry, extension experts, scientists, and policy influencers to share knowledge and expertise to address this important issue.