GFO: Nuffield Canada Scholarship

Grain Farmers of Ontario is pleased to sponsor the yearly Nuffield Canada Scholarship.

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The Grain Farmers of Ontario Nuffield scholarship is given to individuals involved in the Ontario grain industry whose study will benefit the Ontario grain sector. The scholarship provides innovative Canadians with the funding to travel internationally to explore agricultural issues and opportunities in a global context.

This year’s Nuffield scholar is Nicole Mackellar, who is studying the possibilities for branding commodities that are processed into ingredients, so they are recognizable as containing Ontario grains. Mackellar hopes this will be a “buy local” program for products made with Ontario grains and oilseeds.

Mackellar is kicking off her Nuffield journey with the Global Focus Program. Over the next seven weeks, Mackellar will travel with other scholars to Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.

Mackellar is particularly interested in learning more about China. China has become one of the most powerful players in global agriculture with growth in agricultural production, rising living standards and evolving agricultural policies. China is also an important market for Canadian grains and oilseeds.

In 2016 Canada exported over 1.7 million metric tonnes of soybeans to China, which represented 41 per cent of Canadian exports. This makes China the single largest market for Canadian soybeans.

Mackellar will apply what she learns to develop branding of Canadian commodities with her Nuffield scholarship.

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