GFO: Barley Research

By Maegan MacKimmie, Communications Coordinator, Internal Focus.

Grain Farmers of Ontario and Ontario’s grain farmers have sponsored and participated in decades of practical research that has resulted in economic gains and improved agricultural sustainability for Ontario farmers and environment.

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New agriculture research funded by Grain Farmers of Ontario is now underway.

This includes a research project led by Dr. Duane Falk at the Mimosa Research Farm entitled “Preliminary Assessment of Barley Varieties and Development of Barley Grain Analyses Related to Malting Quality in Ontario.”

There is a growing interest in malting barley production in Ontario from craft breweries and farmers. Craft breweries in Ontario are looking for locally grown malt, but are sourcing their malt from outside of Ontario.

Malting barley production can be a high-value alternative to traditional commodity crops in many areas of Ontario.

Current barley varieties grown in Ontario do not have the quality required for production of malt for the brewers in Ontario and Eastern Canada. Current malting barley varieties are not well-adapted to Ontario growing conditions, yield less, and the malting quality is not the same as when grown in their area of adaptation.

The two goals of this project are to: identifying high quality malting barleys best adapted to Ontario, and evaluating and modernizing methods to evaluate malting quality on small samples of unmalted barley grain.

You can look for more updates on research being funded by Grain Farmers of Ontario in the Research Projects Database at There are over 200 research projects listed dating back to 2005.

The Research Project Database is a way for Grain Farmers of Ontario to keep farmer-members informed about the research investments being made by the organization. This new centralized database was made publically accessible this year and is a way to keep up-to- date on research funding areas.