GFO: Ontario Sustainability

Grain Farmers of Ontario works on Sustainability in a number of ways. The Ontario Envirothon is a team based competition for high school students who have an interest in the environment and this year’s topic is “Sustainable Agriculture.”

Listen here:

Grain Farmers of Ontario District 4 (Middlesex) director Dave McEachren and Mike Buttenham, sustainability and environment coordinator, were featured in a webinar on sustainable agriculture Thursday afternoon.

Attendees had an opportunity to see innovation and technology the modern day farmer is using. McEachren spoke directly to some of the sustainable innovations he is using on his farm, such as precision agriculture, cover cropping, and the emphasis they place on soil health.

Grain Farmers of Ontario also had the opportunity to give an overview of the organization, the field crops grown in Ontario, and how our crops are utilized to help students better understand the agriculture industry in Ontario.