CFFO: New Year’s Wishes

By Clarence Nywening

Here at the Christian Farmer’s Federation of Ontario, we look back and reflect upon another year gone by and we see how we as farmers have been very blessed. Across Ontario many of us have witnessed good crop yields along with favourable prices, and many of the farming markets have remained stable providing some security in the livestock sector. It is during years such as these that many of us can look back and thank God for His provision and His blessing on us as farmers.

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Over the past year we have been asked to give input on many different regulations and policies that our government has been putting into place. This has led to many lively discussions between our Federation members as well as with our different government officials.

As debates are ongoing, we take joy in the positive results we have seen, and continue to strive to work to more satisfactory conclusions in areas that are still in progress.

All of this activity has made the year go by very quickly, and now the New Year is upon us. Though we are thankful for the blessings of the past year, we are also aware that there are challenges we as farmers will be facing in the coming year. The rising cost of energy continues to put a strain on farmers along with increasing land taxation. As the farming community strives to compete on a global scale it is important for us at CFFO to see these difficulties and find ways to work with our government officials to alleviate some of these burdens from the farming community. Along with these newer difficulties that we must address, we will also be continuing to look at some ongoing concerns. Some of these issues include the plans for a Cap and Trade system along with the demand to lower nutrient waste and phosphorous run-off into the Great Lakes.

At CFFO we look forward to taking on the challenges of this coming year as we work to enrich the agricultural industry for our members in 2017. We continue to work together with our staff, our members and our government agencies to put together policies that will be good for the agricultural community for many years to come.

This is Clarence Nywening on behalf of all of us at CFFO, we wish you God’s blessing in the year to come!