CCA Share Views On Food Policy

The president of the Canadian Cattlmen’s Association and other officials from the group appeared before the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food recently to share CCA’s views on Canada’s Food Policy.

The Government of Canada launched consultations earlier this year and outlined its objectives for Canada’s Food Policy.

The CCA’s recommendations to the committee include ensuring farmers and ranchers play a meaningful role in developing the policy.
And the group is asking the governance structure or council that provides guidance to FPT governments developing the policy have strong representation from agriculture producers.

One of the main points, that Canada’s Food Policy must be science based and utilize the best available data and research.

The proposed themes of the Food Policy are:

  • Increasing Access to Affordable Food
  • Improving Health and Food Safety
  • Conserving our Soil, Water and Air
  • Growing more High-Quality Food

The CCA wants the policy to recognize that innovation and technology help the industry, and other commodities, toe be efficient in using resources, while keeping costs of production down – which in turn would allow for food to be affordable to the consumer.