Grain Farmers of Ontario Chair Mark Brock (Photo courtesy Grain Farmers of Ontario)

Agriculture Coalition Formed

Several agricultural organizationas have formed the AgGrowth Coalition.

It’s in response to the Federal Provincial and Territorial Agricultural Ministers’ commitment to a comprehensive review of Business Risk Management programs over the coming year.

The Coalition’s committment is to advocate for policy research to position the industry as a trusted, authoritative partner in the review process.

At a recent meeting in Toronto, the Coalition discussed and agreed to a strategy for the path forward and committed time and resources to guarantee that agriculture has a significant voice in shaping the next generation of farming policy and programs.

Chairing the AgGrowth Coalition is Grain Farmer’s of Ontario chair Mark Brock and the vice-chair of the coalition is Jeff Nielsen of Alberta, President of Grain Growers of Canada.

“Modern farming is a smart global business supporting strong communities across the country with sustainable practices. It’s time to modernize our agriculture programs, reflect the risks that are part of this reality and support the opportunities in front of us,” said Mark Brock, Chair of AgGrowth. “This is a rare opportunity to improve agriculture policy and programs to enhance the economic, environmental, and social contributions of farming in Canada.”

The AgGrowth Coalition is undertaking an independent research and policy process – it is the expectation that this will be done in partnership with FPT governments.

Also working with the group – the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and the Canadian Pork Council.