Ontario Cattle Prices Nearing Levels From A Year Ago

Cattle prices in Ontario made significant gains last week and are almost caught up to prices from a year ago.

The Beef Farmers of Ontario report a lighter week of cull cows picked up $5.12 for the week.

The average price of $82.05 is within three dollars of prices from this time in 2016.

BFO says fed steer and heifer prices last week were at their highest since March 31st of last year.

Fed steers sold at an average of $158.31, up $8.13 from a week earlier.

Fed heifer prices jumped by $7.92 as they went for an average of $156.30.

The farmers note the Ontario railgrade market saw prices strengthen by $1.50 last week and are now at their highest since last June.

621 less stocker and feeder cattle were sold through Ontario auctions last week.

BFO points out the 3,025 head sold with a very strong demand.