Pork Industry Gets Funding For Housing Research

Canada’s pork sector is getting a boost to industry research.

The federal government is providing another $1.8 million to continue research at Swine Innovation Porc in response to consumer concerns about the humane treatment of animals.

Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay made the announcement yesterday.

He says the investment into animal health and welfare will address the interests of consumers, which should lead to more money for producers.

The new funding brings the total five-year amount for the research cluster to nearly $15 million.

Swine Innovation Porc manages the cluster in conjunction with industry, academic and government representatives.

Chair Stewart Cressman says SIP’s primary goal and focus is on increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of Canada’s pork industry.

He adds the investment will help further the outcomes of the program.

New research will tackle how to improve housing and living conditions for sows and piglets.