(Photo courtesy Farm & Food Care Ontario)

Project To Provide Easier Access To Beef Product Info Among Those Getting New Money

The federal government is giving the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association over 4 million dollars for three projects.

The biggest share – about 2 point 6 million – will be spent developing tools for packers, retail food service, consumers and the industry to have easy access to beef product information.

Over 1 million dollars is targeted for the use of Computer Vision Systems measurements to enhance the quality of Canadian beef.

CVS will image beef carcasses to predict and measure a number of factors, including tenderness, lean yield and fat colour.

And over 380 thousand dollars will be spent on a feasibility study into the use of satellite -based technology to track and measure forage and pasture production for cattle producers.

That study will lay the basis for developing production-based forage insurance for producers.

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association President Dave Solverson says these projects show the kind of innovation that drives continuous improvement in the beef industry.