Huron-Bruce MPP Says Liberals Botched Neonic Regulations

Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson was among the Conservatives taking shots at the provincial government’s neonic-treated seed regulations this week at Queen’s Park.

Thompson argues the regulations mean the government is banning the only federally-approved seed treatment for the corn flea beetle.

She suggests the Liberals have botched the rollout of their neonic ban so badly they’re facing a lawsuit from farmers, referring to the legal action the Grain Farmers of Ontario continues to wage against the government.

Conservative Agriculture Critic Toby Barrett joined in the criticism.

He suggests the government’s continued policy of not looking at alternatives to it’s present neonics ban shows it’s out of touch with farmers.

In responding to the criticism, Premier Kathleen Wynne pointed out the regulations are not a total ban.

The Premier says farmers will still be allowed to use the seed treatments, if they can prove those treatments are needed.