Photo by PG Palmer via Flickr

OMAFRA Powerpoint On Proposed SHB Plan

The Ontario Beekeepers’ Association has posted a PowerPoint prepared by OMAFRA with highlights of the proposed plan to minimize the impact and slow the spread of Small Hive Beetles in Ontario.

There is a link to that presentation here.

There is also more information in the next issue of the Ontario Bee Journal the plan. The article will be excerpted from the magazine and provided on in early March.

OMAFRA, with counsel from the OBA, will not impose quarantine zones that would restrict the movement of bees. Rather they will be closely monitoring the situation and are asking beekeepers to step up their best management practices, to register all yards, and to ensure that all hives transported for pollination purposes are inspected regularly, prior to and after movement.

The plan includes six buckets:

1. a movement plan
2. BMP documented plan
3. yard registration
4. pre-movement inspection
5. traceability and biosecurity
6. regulatory response

The OBA, with assistance from OMAFRA, is preparing a comprehensive knowledge transfer plan to ensure all beekeepers are aware of SHB and how best to manage their colonies, yards, and super handling practices to reduce its impact.

This plan will include a special information section and videos on the OBA website, bulletins and brochures, and SHB Tech-Transfer workshops which will be offered to all local beekeeping associations across the province this spring and early summer.