Perth Candidates Talk Beef Issues

The Perth & Wellington beef producer organisations hosted the riding’s three federal election candidates for a debate in Listowel Monday.

Liberal candidate Stephen McCotter, the NDP’s Ethan Rabidoux, and Conservative John Nater outlined their party’s platforms related to the beef sector then handled questions raised by the farmers in attendance.

John Nater told the meeting his party is focussing on expanding export markets.

Liberal Stephen McCotter says his party would invest in the industry so producers could expect to make money now and in the future.

And New Democrat Ethan Rabidoux suggested the fact leader Tom Mulcair has been in the riding three times already shows the value the NDP puts on agriculture and rural Ontario.

Those issues included loans, federal funding plans, livestock insurance, and traceability measures and costs.

The exchange of information lasted almost two hours at Carson’s Farm and Auction Service.


Conservative candidate John Nater spoke about what his party wants to improve for the beef industry if re-elected October 19th….


Liberal candidate Stephen McCotter outlined why his party feels it’s necessary to invest in the beef sector….


NDP candidate Ethan Rabidoux outlined why the beef sector, and agriculture sector as a whole, is important to his party and their leader Tom Mulcair…