(Photo from University of Guelph)

More Beetle Concerns For Beekeepers

More small hive beetle cases have now been confirmed in the Niagara Region.

The Ontario Beekeepers Association reports 17 confirmed SHB yards, a mix of commercial and non-commercial operations. That’s up from six earlier this month.

All are in Niagara County, primarily along the U-S border and all are under restricted movement orders. According to the beekeepers group, OMAFRA has agreed that OBA will develop and education and training plan for Ontario beekeepers , beginning this fall. The Association is also exploring the feasibility and funding requirements for a freezing room facility.

The Ontario Beekeepers Association says healthy honey bee colonies appear able to contend with fairly large populations of adult Small Hive Beetles with little effects.

The OBA says it’s colonies weakened or stressed by other factors which can suffer excessive damage from the insects.