GFO CEO Not Optimistic About Swaying Government NeoNic Stand

Grain Farmers of Ontario plans to take part in the consultation process on the government’s proposal to cut the number of acres seeded to neo-nic treated corn and soybeans.

However, CEO Barry Senft isn’t optimistic they’ll be able to get the province to make any significant changes.

Senft says the government didn’t consult with the industry on the proposed 80 per cent reduction.

He’s also convinced the government doesn’t have any idea how to implement that reduction.

Senft points out the neo-nic treatments are licensed federally for use across the country.

He says the government proposal shows how activist groups like the Sierra Cub have found a way to influence the politicians in Toronto.


Senft says one of the issues is the idea that those acres can be cut by 80 per cent by 2017.


While he says the government has asked for the GFO’s help in setting up a protocol to make that reduction work, Senft says they’re not going to do that.


Senft argues the province’s proposal to cut neo-nic seeded acreage by 80 per cent flies in the face of the fact the federal government has licensed that product for use across the country.


Barry Senft says GFO will be part of the consultation process on the proposal to cut neo-nic seeded acres by 80 per cent.