New Group Aims To Streamline Livestock Traceability

Canada has a new livestock traceability corporation.

That corporation is getting money from the federal government to develop, implement and operate a national livestock traceability data service.

Canadian Agri-Traceability Services brings together the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency and Agri-Tracabilite Quebec.

The government’s 7 point 5 million dollar investment will fund a two-phased project.

Phase one will look at the development and implementation of a traceability database.

The second phase will involve seeing that database into operation.

Canadian Agri-Traceability Services Chair Terry Kremeniuk says this will improve Canadian livestock traceability and reduce the costs for industry and simplify data reporting for producers.

The federal government considers traceability systems key elements in helping protect the health of animals and the public and in supporting food safety.