The 2014 COFS near Woodstock. (Photo by Ray Baynton)

High Speed Planter At COFS

A Swedish-made high-speed planter is likely going to have to get bigger to be successful in North America.

Vaderstad showed off it’s Tempo planter at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and it comes as big as 12 rows.

Company spokesman Lars Thylen says they realise they’ll probably need 16 and 24 row units to meet the needs of North American farmers.  The Tempo planter runs at about twice the speed of conventional planters – about 10 miles an hour.  Thylen boasts the technology they use allows them to not only plant the seeds faster, but also more consistently than what farmrs are now using.

The Tempo planter was launched in Europe 2 and a half years ago – and has sold almost a thousand units since then.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show visitors were able to see the planter in action and also check out some on-site corn plots put in by the planter this spring.


Spokesman Lars Thylen says they’ve done that with completely new technology.


Thylen says they know they’re likely going to have to make their planter bigger for Canadian and U-S farms.


Spokesman Gustav Nilsson says they’re well aware of the concerns about pollinators at planting time because of their European experience.