Anti-Horse Slaughtering Bill Would Allow Exceptions

NDP MP Alex Atamanenko NDP MP Alex Atamanenko

A British Columbia MP has re-worked his private member’s bill which would have banned horse slaughtering in Canada.

Alex Atamanenko says it had becoming increasingly apparent his original bill wasn’t going to get the votes it needed in the House of Commons.

His new bill would allow for the slaughter of horses that are raised primarily for human consumption and which are accompanied by a complete lifetime medical history.

Atamanenko says under the current system, slaughter operations get their horses from auction houses across Canada and the U-S – horses which he argues were not raised in accordance with health and safety regulations required of all other food animals.

The European Union is Canada’s primary market for horsemeat.

Atamanenko believes EU pressure prompted the federal government to introduce an Equine Identity Document System linking a horse to it’s medical history for the 6 months leading up to slaughter.

But he argues that system is inadequate and full of loopholes.

Atamanenko says his new bill – C-571 – will effectively exclude the general population of horses from being considered eligible as a food animal.

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