Good News For Ontario Wine Lovers photo photo

Ontario grape growers have set a record with their 2013 harvest.

The Grape Growers of Ontario says the 79 thousand 7 hundred and 56 tonnes of grapes are valued at 99 point 7 million dollars.

Here’s a visual for you – the growers say that harvest will produce enough wine to create the equivalent of 1 thousand 1 hundred and 34 Olympic sized ice rink surfaces.

And speaking of ice – Grape Growers of Ontario says over 6 thousand tonnes of grapes were set aside for icewine production.

To qualify as icewine the grapes have to be frozen on the vine at a sustained temperature of minus 8 celsius or lower and pressed immediately , while still frozen.

The organisation says over 14 thousand Ontario jobs are tied to the provincial wine industry.

One study suggests wine from provincial grapes generates 593 million dollars in wages and 3 point 3 billion dollars in economic impact.

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