(BlackburnNews.com photo courtesy of Ray Baynton)

Farmers Spending Incorrectly When Preparing To Sell Properties

Farmers may be making mistakes when selling their farms, according to a sales representative with Sutton Group Select Realty.

Justin Deseck says taking down old structures or unusable buildings is essential when selling farm properties, and to try and put their house in the best light without spending too much money.

Deseck says farmers are adding unneeded expenditures to their farm far too often, adding new kitchens and garages feeling this will increase the value of their property, but Deseck says this sometimes has the opposite effect, as potential buyers don’t want to pay for a new addition they have no intention of using.

Deseck says one of the must useful investments farmers can make when selling is to clean up the property. That includes anything like garbage, chemicals, old cans or broken machinery that would be considered an eyesore to any potential buyer.