Canadian Canola Acreage Overtakes Wheat

For the first time ever, Canadian canola acres have surpassed total wheat acreage across the country, according to Stats Canada.
Canadian farmers have seeded close to 22.8-million acres of canola in 2017, up 12% from last year.
The increase corresponds with a decrease in wheat acreage, which fell for the fourth consecutive year down to just 22.4-million acres.

The wheat decrease was likely due to a 16% drop in area seeded to durum wheat, which fell to just over 5-million acres, with areas seeded to spring wheat rising to 15.8-million acres.

Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and Saskatchewan produce 99% of Canada’s national soybean total, and all four provinces reached record high levels for seeded soybean acres this year.
Ontario farmers seeded 3.1-million acres of soybeans in 2017, which is up 13.%5 from last year. They also planted 2.1 million acres of corn, an increase of 4.7% compared with last year.